Shariah Defense

Shariah Defense

An AIM Initiative

About Us

Shariah Defense is an initiative started by Authentic ILM Mission (AIM), for the purpose of protecting the rights of Muslims in America. Our goal is to fight against discrimination targeting traditional Islamic values and teachings, ensuring that Muslims can practice their faith freely without fear of unjust consequences.

We are committed to preserving religious freedom and promoting a climate of understanding. We leverage legal expertise and advocacy efforts to defend the principles of Islam and its teachings.

Through educational initiatives, community engagement, and accurate information dissemination, we aim to counter Islamophobia and dispel misconceptions surrounding shariah, Islamic law.

We strive to create a society that respects diversity and upholds the religious rights of Muslims.


Dedication to Protecting Religious Freedoms

Shariah Defense works to protect the religious rights of Muslims in
America and combat religious bias from in this country.

We aim to be a voice for the marginalized and a source of empowerment for individuals and organizations facing legal challenges related to Islamic rights and discrimination.

By providing comprehensive legal services, civil rights advocacy, and community engagement, we work towards systemic change and a society that understands and respects the religious freedoms and protections afforded to all Americans.

Legal Advocacy

Our experienced legal team is dedicated to ensuring fair representation, protecting civil liberties, and advocating for justice. We understand the unique challenges faced by Muslims in various aspects of life, and our legal services are designed to address these specific concerns.

We offer confidential legal consultations to individuals seeking guidance on matters related to Islamic rights, discrimination, religious accommodations, and other legal issues. Our knowledgeable attorneys are available to provide expert advice and support tailored to your specific situation.

Shariah Defense advocates for the civil rights of Muslims, working to challenge discriminatory practices, policies, and legislation that may infringe upon religious freedoms. We collaborate with individuals, community organizations, and legal experts to develop strategic advocacy initiatives aimed at upholding the rights of Muslims.

If we are unable to directly assist with a specific legal matter, we can provide referrals to trusted attorneys or organizations specializing in the relevant area of law.

How Can I Get Involved?


As a non-profit initiative, we rely on the generous
contributions from people like you. Your donations will enable us to provide legal services, educational resources, and advocacy.


Join us in our mission to protect the rights of Muslims, preserve the rich heritage of Islamic teachings, and foster an environment that upholds religious freedom and equality for all. 


Collaboration is at the heart of our work. We work alongside legal professionals and community organizations to address the challenges faced by Muslims in various areas of life.

Contact Us

Whether you have a legal issue, general questions, ideas for collaboration, or want to join us in our mission, we are here to connect and work together in protecting the rights of Muslims and promoting religious freedom for all.


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